Hermann Buhl, Walter Bonatti, WH Murray, Gwen Moffat, Arlene Blum, Reinhold Messner, Anderl Heckmair, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker (names forever linked), Mark Twight, Steve House, Lionel Terray, Sharon Wood, Heinrich Harrer …

I’m sure you can add your own names to this list. Or maybe it’s just one name, one mountaineer or skyrunner whose story is a touchstone for you.

In the mountains we learn from experience — lessons often hard won at cost.

We also learn from each other, from those who have done what we want to do in the places we want to do it.

How do we learn from their instructive and inspiring — and at times extraordinary — stories?

We read them.

You have a story to tell, but you’re a mountaineer, not a writer. 

Or you don’t have the time to write. Or you want to write your book in English, but English is not your first language.

I can help you tell your story and share the knowledge and wisdom hard won from your struggles, joys, triumphs and failures.

Your story is unique, and it is also universal.

Your story is worth telling.

Let down the rope for others to tie onto.

How I Can Help You

You have expertise and experience in the mountains or on the trails; a story to tell, knowledge to share.

I have expertise with words, and experience in helping people tell their stories and share their knowledge.

How Ghostwriting Works

When you collaborate with a ghostwriter on a book, you provide the story or specialised information and the ghostwriter does the writing.

You are the author of the book, and the ghostwriter is invisible — a ‘ghost’.

Ghostwriting a book (or shorter e-book) involves very close collaboration between the author (you) and the writer (me). You need to be able to trust me, and we need to be able to work well together, most likely without actually being together in person.

So the first step is a video call, when we get to ‘meet’ each other, discuss the book you want to write, and determine if we could be a good fit for each other. 

If yes, we’ll agree on price, time frame, and the best method of working together.

Then we get started!

Working together in the way we’ve agreed, I write and send you chapters or sections for review, and then revise per your feedback. Piece by piece, your book takes shape.

At last … the manuscript is ready for publication.

If you’re self-publishing, it now goes to the book designer. If you have a contract with a publisher or agent, you send it to them. If you want help with the publishing side, we can talk about that during our first call.

I look forward to hearing from you.

A note about language: My passion for language doesn’t stop at English. In addition to an MA in Journalism (Northeastern University, Boston) and a BA in German Language & Literature (University of Auckland, New Zealand), I am teaching myself Italian, Serbian and Russian. So far, I’ve made most progress with Italian.

If German or Italian is your first language, we can probably still work together. We can explore that during our first call.

Riguarda la lingua: sei madrelingua italiana? Ciònonostante, probabilmente possiamo ancora lavorare insieme. Ne parleremo sulla prima telefonata.

Hinsichtlich die Sprache: Sind Sie deutscher Muttersprachler? Trotzdem können wir wahrscheinlich noch zusammenarbeiten. Wir werden beim ersten Anruf darüber sprechen.

About Me

head and shoulders black and white photo of a woman
four people standing at bottom of frozen waterfall

My name is Jane Mackay.

At the age of 45 I abruptly discovered within myself a passion for and obsession with mountains. I had never lived or spent time in the mountains, but I upended my life and moved to Europe to spend as much time as possible exploring in and around the Alps and other mountainous regions. Since then I’ve spent countless hours making solo explorations in all seasons — first simply hiking, then climbing (rock and ice, with an alpine guide), and now also mountain running (30+ km).

From books of the mountaineers listed above and others, I have learnt not only about mountaineering, climbing and endurance running, but also about life. About dealing with uncertainty and risk. About perseverance, persistence, commitment, self-reliance. About learning and facing the truth of one’s self. And most of all, in those authors’ words I discover the joy and beauty that I know in the mountains.

A love for and fascination with words and language has been part of me for as long as I can remember, and working with words naturally became my profession as an editor and writer.

Via my service Janemac Editing, for the past thirteen years I have been editing and writing professionally in three very different registers with very different purposes: business, academic and fiction/memoir.

Through this professional work, I have noticed that what is as natural as breathing to me — using words to express, inform and persuade — is considered by others as an enviable skill.

Through ghostwriting, I want to help you pass on your knowledge, skill and love for the mountains to inspire and aid those to come.

In addition to being an adroit wordsmith, I bring the following specific skills to your book project:

Contact Me

Let’s talk about the book you want to write. Send me a note at jane [at] mountainstorieswriting.com or jm.editing [at] gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!